Empanadas Meraki launches at Millstone Kitchen

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We are thrilled to welcome new business Empanadas Meraki as a Millstone Kitchen member. Founder Karol Beltran uses fresh ingredients and family recipes to make a variety of fried Colombian treats.

The menu boasts a delicious variety of empanadas, a crescent shaped cornmeal pastry filled with a combination of meat, vegetables, and cheese. Some of their featured flavors include beef and potatoes, cheese, and chicken. Also included on the menu are arepas Boyacenses, which are cheesy and slightly sweet patties. For dessert, they offer sweet buñuelos, fried balls that can be stuffed with Nutella, caramel, or strawberry jam.

Karol was inspired to share the flavors of her Colombian cuisine after noticing a demand for hand-crafted street food here in the New River Valley. She believes that “food has the power to bring people together and create precious, lasting memories.” That’s why she named her business Meraki: it’s the Greek word for doing one’s work with love, passion, and soul.

Currently, Empanadas Meraki is available for catering events and to fill individual orders; they will soon be serving at farmers markets and selling frozen products to enjoy at home.

To learn more or place an order today, visit their website, message them on Instagram @empanadasmeraki.virginia.usa or reach them at empameraki@gmail.com. Welcome to Millstone Kitchen, Empanadas Meraki!