‘MD Inspired’: Local Business Crafts Mediterranean Snacks

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Have you ever wondered how to reconcile your snack cravings with your health goals? New Millstone Kitchen business member MD Inspired is striving to do just that. Founders and twin sisters Dr Anita Trajkovska-Broach and Dr Anka Trajkovsk Petkoska offer a variety of sweet and savory Mediterranean-diet style snacks based on authentic family recipes. 

Influenced by their upbringing in Macedonia, their goal is to inspire healthy lifestyles based on the Mediterranean Diet (MD). This way of eating has been recognized as one of the healthiest in the world (US News Health). People adhering to MD have been associated with a reduced risk of developing chronic diseases, including cancer, metabolic syndrome (obesity), depression, cardiovascular and neuro-degenerative diseases, as well as having better cognitive health and increased longevity.

MD Inspired® products focus on high quality, natural ingredients packed with flavor and health benefits. Their MD Inspired® sweet snacks are prepared with raw nuts, seeds, dried fruits and whole grains to bridge the gap between indulgence and nutrition. Also included on their menu are savory pies filled with leeks, spinach, and/or feta.

By founding MD Inspired®, Anita and Anka hope to “satisfy every taste with flavorful nutrient-packed, yet indulgent, food choices based on the Mediterranean Diet”. The sisters have also contributed to the scientific research behind the MD and its beneficial effects on human health and well-being, which they mainly attribute to the diet’s highly antioxidant and anti-inflammatory character.

MD Inspired® products are made to order, both for individuals and wholesale. To learn more or place an order, visit their website or send an email to anitatbroach@gmail.com