Some of the residences are in the wing of The Old School that used to be classrooms. Each of these 16 spacious, two-bedroom apartments has large windows with lots of natural light and some of them have a historical piece of an old classroom such as a chalkboard or built-in bookshelf. The old school hallway is now an interior “street” with benches, plants, skylights, and artwork. The classroom apartments are reserved for people aged 55 and above and include a mix of affordable and market-rate residences. 

Sixteen additional residences are in a new building behind the classroom apartments. These were completed in July 2021 and are available for rent by all ages. There are 8 three-bedroom apartments and 8 two bedrooms with a mix of affordable and market rates. 

Some of the apartments are built to ADA standards and some are easily convertible to ADA standards. The housing is EarthCraft certified and highly energy efficient. Amenities include a laundry facility on-site, a walking trail, and community garden space for the residents. Residents have the opportunity to access the restaurant, brewpub, and community/incubator kitchen that are also located in The Old School. 

This new mixed-income, multi-generational community exists in tandem with a dynamic commercial space creating a unique, one-of-a-kind development supporting local entrepreneurs, food access, and a range of housing needs.